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Welcome to Everglow
Everglow is a members-only gaming community designed around the most important, and most fundamental, part of gaming: fun.
We started out as a small, close-knit guild on World of Warcraft and have since developed and expanded into a lively community of entertaining weirdos.
We host our own private servers for many of the games we play, and have in-game groups/guilds/etc. for the ones we can't. The ones we host, we like to incorporate "stormy" environmental elements, such as rain, lightning, shrouds, darkness, the like.
Our website is under construction, and will feature collaborative tools to discuss, organize, enhance, and show off the games we play together.
  • Member profiles and bios
  • Server utilities (player prefs, in-game maps, game integration, etc.)
  • Discussion forums, Discord, and other communication tools
  • Screenshot and video-capture galleries
  • Member-driven event calendars
  • Game statistics
  • Contributable databases (e.g. Minecraft coordinates and location lookups, WoW profession viewing, etc.)
  • Team formation/management tools
  • In-game tournaments and competitions
  • And more!
If you're a humor-loving gamer who seeks to have fun above all else, likes to play with their buddies and meet new ones, and wants to participate in a close community of like-minded people, we are probably the group for you!
and all kinds of more!